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Rely, Relax and Refer

We understand that each and every student puts in lot of efforts to get good scores on TOEFL, GRE to get admission in universities. These students rely on their friends and advises from various quarters try approaching the “Educational Consultants” to secure admissions. There are a lot of intricacies to get admission.

Student Considerations:

a)   I-20’s from 2 to 3 universities
b)   Cheap documentation
c)   Discuss with friends about standard questions on Visa

Parents Concerns:

d)   Cost Involved for admissions
e)   Genuineness of the documentation
f )   Consult with other student parents or colleagues to find
      out some better consultants among the existing lot
g)   Cost involved
h)   Reliability of the consultants
i )   Support in US

Existing Consultants:

j )   Admissions from few and same universities irrespective of
      the student scores
k)   Un authenticated documentation to make quick money
l )   Mock visa interviews. Standard questions to all the students

US Admissions and its staff promises all the parents and their educated children the following:

Rely Parents can rely on US Admissions for the following services:

i )   Admissions: We get admissions in students choice of
      schools OR based on the TOEFL and GRE scores
ii)   Documentation: We deal with “genuine” documentation only
iii)  Visa Preparation: Our strength is in Visa Preparation. We
      follow the US Immigration guidelines in guiding the students

Relax Parents can relax when US Admissions is handling the admissions for your children:

iv)  Charges: Our service charges are affordable and
      comparable to others
v)   Quality: Assure you of the quality of work
vi)  Reliability: Our services are reliable
vii) Traceable: We provide tracking numbers of each courier that
      we dispatch to universities
viii) Refundable: If we are not able to provide admissions, we
      refund our processing charges
ix)  Support in US: We are a US based consultancy and we are
      present in US since 15 years. So we provide complete
      support to all our students till they complete their studies
      and help them in their jobs, Internships, Employment
      Sponsorships (H1-B).

Refer Please refer US Admissions to your friends and help their children for their prosperity:

x)   Reference: Take consent to share your contact details with
      other parents
xi)  Say what we are: Candidly share your experiences



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