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As the name indicates, we deal with admissions into US universities. We are “experts” in Admissions, Visa Documentation, Visa Interview Preparation, Technical Guidance in US, Advise on jobs, and the complete support while the student is in US.

Origin of US Admissions:


Way back in 1996, our first student who was counseled was “Afzal-Ur-Rahman” who later left for studying Ph.D in Pharmacy from UK. He was instrumental in introducing our name to his brother and his friend Narayana Guttikonda, who in turn introduced US Admissions to his cousin brother Praveen Guttikonda. Mr. Praveen was our point of contact to get admission to all his friends across Hyderabad, Warangal and from then on.……. leaps and bounds. I had to leave for US for pursuing Masters from NYIT in 1998 December. My spring semester started in January 1999. Since then I was counseling students, helping them in admission process for over a period of 7years and 7 months. In July-2006, went to India to start off my dream venture “US Admissions”, started a registered office on July-26-2006 in Hyderabad for the first time. Thanks to all the “Agents” who send across their student profiles from within Hyderabad and other districts of AP and also to those agents who are associated with US Admissions in different states of India


From the basements of Harsha and Jani’s in New York City way back in December-1998. Counseled thousands of students on education with special emphasis on USA. Improved my personal knowledge by attending various seminars, educational fairs, conferences, meetings. By registering in professional organizations established in US.

Future plans include taking up a “Degree in Educational Counseling” to become a certified professional in US with special emphasis for International Students from across the globe

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